API Interface

Using the API

NOTE: The API interface is current in development, and stability is not guaranteed. Endpoints may be changed and removed at any point, and you should avoid using the API interface for the time being if you're expecting stability.

Consumers of the API can expect endpoints to not have data removed, but possibly have data added. Note that this will only apply after API stability has been reached.

API endpoints are specified via their endpoint, followed by any number of tags in capitialized letters (i.e. POST):

Text in brackets (i.e. {pkgbase} is expected to be filled in by the client (i.e. /api/adopt/{pkgbase} would become /api/adopt/makedeb, (or any other package base on the MPR).

To make an API key, sign in and visit your My Account page, which contains links to create and manage API keys.

API Routes

/api/meta GET

Shows current instance information.

/api/test GET/POST AUTH

Verifies that you are succesfully logged in.

/api/adopt/{pkgbase} POST AUTH

Adopts an orphan package onto the current user's account.

/api/disown/{pkgbase} POST AUTH

Disowns a package from the current user account. If the package has comaintainers, one of them is selected to be the new maintainer. Otherwise, the package gets orphaned.